Paul Brough - Health and Safey Advisor, CDM Consultant and Principal Designer



Paul Brough


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Good health and safety management is integral to the success of any business. Health and safety law places duties on all organistations, its  employers and employees.


Protecting the health and safety of employees, visitors and the general public who may be affected by the works or activities that the organistation carries out can be a major concern for employers.


The benefits of a good and effective health and safety managment system can include;


Increased productivity because the employees have a safe working environment.


Increasing the organisations reputation amongst it competitors.


Reduced costs through reduced risk.


Lower employee absence rate.


The threat of legal action is reduced.


Health and safety law states that organisations must;


Have a written Health and Safety Policy. Organisations with less than 5 employees are exempt from this but may be required to have a Policy Statement in place.


Employers must assess the risks to their employees, visitors and others who may be affected by their activities.


Ensure effective planning, organisation, control and monitoring and the review of control measures implemented.


Employers must consult with employees on matters that may have an affect on their health and safety.







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